Insecticide Karate Zeon: instructions for use, reviews, storage of the drug

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Karate Zeon is an improved formulation of the Karate insecticide and belongs to the category of insecticidal acaricidal preparations created to protect against pests of crops, granaries and adjacent territories. However, the spectrum of action of the drug is much wider: it is also successfully used in small private farms. You will learn from this article about exactly which crops the Karate Zeon preparation can be used on, what pests it destroys and what are its advantages over other preparations.


Karate Zeon is a highly effective pyrethroid insecticide of intestinal action that destroys sucking and leaf-eating pests of grapes, potatoes, corn, onions, cabbage, peas, herbs, wheat, winter barley, rapeseed, beets, soybeans, apples and tomatoes. The drug is also used for the treatment of empty warehouses, granaries and adjacent territories.

The Karate Zeon preparation is produced in the form of a microencapsulated suspension, while the Karate preparation is an emulsion concentrate.

Drug action

The active ingredient of the insecticide is lambda-cyhalothrin, which quickly penetrates the pest's cuticle, affects its nervous system, which leads to the cessation of food activity, paralysis and death of the insect. The substance begins to act only after the working solution dries on the pest or on the surface of the plant, that is, two hours after spraying. Depending on weather conditions, condition and type of pests, death occurs in 0.5-3 hours after treatment.

The advantages of the drug Karate Zeon:

  • wide range and speed of action;
  • long-term protection - at least 14 days;
  • intestinal, contact and repellent action;
  • effective destruction of both adults and larvae;
  • lack of smell;
  • high rain resistance and photostability;
  • affordable price.

Instructions for the use of Karate Zeon

Spraying should be started when the pests reach a high number. Processing is carried out in the morning or evening, in calm weather. The solution should be freshly prepared. The composition must abundantly cover the entire sheet surface, however, the solution must not be allowed to drain onto the ground.

CulturePestConsumption of the drug and solutionFrequency rate of treatments / waiting time (days)
GrapesSpider mite3.2-4.8 ml for 8-10 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 40
PeasAphids1-1.25 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 30
CabbageCabbage white1 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 30
PotatoesAphids, leafhoppers (virus carriers)2 ml for 2-4 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 7
Corn (for grain)Corn moth2 ml for 2-4 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 30
Bow (except for bow on a feather)Onion fly3-4 ml for 2-3 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 25
Bow (except for bow on a feather)Tobacco thrips1.5-2 ml for 2-3 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 25
CarrotCarrot lily1-2 ml for 1-2 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 30
CarrotCarrot fly2-2.5 ml for 2-3 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 30
PastureMeadow moth2-3 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 30
WheatCereal gall midges1 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 20
WheatThrips, cereal flies2 ml for 2-4 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 20
WheatBug harmful turtle, aphids1.5 ml for 2-4 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 20
RapeRapeseed beetle1-1.5 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²2 / 20
Sugar beetBeet fleas, beet weevils, aphids1.5 ml for 1-2 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 20
SoyCommon spider mite4 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 40
TomatoColorado beetle1 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²1 / 30
TomatoCotton scoop4 ml for 2-4 liters of water for 100 m²2 / 30
Apple treeApple moth4 ml for 10-15 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 20
Apple treeApple blossom beetle1-1.5 ml for 8-12 liters of water per 100 m²1 / 20
Winter barleyDrunkards1.5-2 ml for 2-4 liters of water per 100 m²2 / 20

Processing of all crops is carried out during the growing season, except for the processing of carrots from the lamb - it is carried out during the emergence of shoots.

To avoid the development of resistance, alternate Karate Zeon with preparations containing another active substance.

Drug compatibility

Karate Zeon is compatible with almost all herbicides and fungicides that are usually used at the same time, however, before mixing another preparation with Karate, still check them for compatibility by combining in small quantities. If flakes or sediment appear as a result of the reaction, this means that the preparations cannot be mixed and used at the same time.


Karate Zeon is a substance of the 3rd hazard class, that is, it is moderately toxic to humans, animals and birds, but it poses a 1st class hazard to bees and fish. Therefore, you can not use the drug during flowering and allow the solution or the drug itself to get into water bodies. It is also forbidden to graze animals on the newly cultivated area. Do not allow the drug to enter feed and food.


  • It is necessary to prepare a working solution and treat plants with Karate Zeon in protective clothing, glasses, a respirator and gloves.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while spraying the working solution.
  • After completing the procedure, you should take off your vestments and accessories and wash them thoroughly with soapy water.
  • Be sure to shower and rinse out your mouth.

First aid

The recommendations below are intended only for FIRST aid, after which you should immediately consult a doctor and follow his instructions! DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF!

  • If the solution comes into contact with your skin, blot it with a cotton swab or absorbent cloth, then rinse the area with plenty of soap under running water.
  • If the drug gets in your eyes, rinse them with plenty of water, being careful to keep them open.
  • If the insecticide gets inside the body, take 5-6 tablets of activated carbon with 3-4 glasses of water, and then induce vomiting.
  • After providing first aid, be sure to see a specialist or seek advice from a poison control center.

Storage of the drug Karate Zeon

The shelf life of the drug is 3 years. It should be stored in a dry place, in its original packaging at temperatures from -5 to +35 ºC, as far as possible from children, animals, medicines and foodstuffs.


Agronomist: if you are thinking about how to get the maximum effect from pests when processing vegetables and fruit crops, buy and use Karate Zeon to protect your site. It has an affordable price, and the action is what is commonly called the "knockdown effect". I used it on adult plants and seedlings. Super!

Alexander: I was looking for Karate, but I was persuaded to buy Karate Zeon. I worked out the drug perfectly. I don’t know how to whom, but it’s important for me that there is no smell, and this poison does not smell of anything.

Galina: this year I sprayed Zeon Karate from pests and was satisfied: affordable price, excellent result and no smell that makes your head split.

Official website and manufacturer's recommendations:


  1. Pesticide Information
  2. Insecticide Information
  3. Plant Pest Information

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Fungicide fast: for processing plants, grapes, roses, reviews, consumption rate, analogues

You can get the fungicide at any gardening store. There are always instructions for use for the drug. Manufacturer - Syngenta, Switzerland. Packing in the Russian Federation is carried out by the "Green Pharmacy of the Gardener", produced in liquid form. The average price of a 2 ml ampoule is about 50 rubles.

For large farms, it is advisable to purchase the drug Skor in a bottled version. When diluted with water, a cloudy white solution is obtained, which after 30 minutes loses its intensity level.

Syngenta manufactures a product that is an excellent partner for Skor if the grower plans to alternate treatments with different products. This is Horus. The same range of horticultural crops and the principle of influence. But the main active ingredient is different, which does not allow pathogens to get used to and adapt to drugs.

Gardeners say that, for example, if trees are affected by moniliosis, coccomycosis or scab, then they carry out the first treatment with Horus, and then with Skor. Or vice versa.

Description of the drug: composition and properties

The drug "Alatar" is a liquid with an unpleasant odor. It contains the following active substances: malathion and cypermethrin. The fusion of their actions doubles the effectiveness of the drug. "Alatar" deals a double blow to harmful insects, destroying even stable colonies.

To lengthen the period of protective action and prevent the rapid removal of the agent from the leaves by rain, the manufacturer added an astringent filler, the so-called adhesive, to the Alatar composition.

"Alatar" contains:

  • malathion - 22.5%
  • cypermethrin - 5.0%
  • Surfactant (surfactant)
  • antioxidant
  • solvent
  • stabilizer.

The form of release of the insecticide is different. It usually comes on sale either in single 5 ml ampoules, or in a box containing 50 5 ml ampoules. Sometimes it is packaged in bottles of 25 ml.

Instructions for the use of insecticide Borey for potatoes

All of us the familiar Colorado potato beetle will remain out of work if this drug is applied in time. We will spray the plantings during the growing season. According to the instructions for the use of the Borey insecticide, we will use it for potatoes in the general recommended rates, namely 200-400 liters of ready-made solution per 1 ha. This chemical will work just fine on potato ladybugs as well. If you have early varieties, spraying is carried out twice with an interval of up to twenty days. For late varieties, the number of treatments is up to four.

For the treatment of vineyards and orchards, the recommended consumption rates of Borey insecticide are 700-1500 liters of solution per 1 ha.

Preparation lightning ke instructions for use

How to use the drug - Lightning - (instructions)? What pests - Lightning?

The drug "Lightning" - This is a fairly effective insecticide for the destruction of a complex of leaf-eating and sucking pests, as well as ticks.

Before applying, I read reviews of the "Lightning" preparation on the Internet. They were positive, however, I myself was convinced of the effectiveness of this drug. I read that pests die right away.

I used "Lightning" from a cruciferous flea on cabbage. Result: no flea beetles.

The instructions for the drug say that it is a fast-acting drug with a pronounced "knockdown effect". I can confirm this.

The period of protective action after the application of "Lightning" is more than 3 weeks. More than 2 weeks have passed since cabbage has been processed. The pest is no longer seen, just as I do not observe the caterpillars on it.

When using "Lightning", you need to be careful and observe protective measures, since the drug has a hazard class 3.

Do not combine the use of "Lightning" with other means, as this can even cause the death of the plant.

The solution is being prepared "Lightning" as follows: 2 liters of water are poured into a bucket, the contents of the ampoule (2 milliliters) are poured and brought to 10 liters, that is 2 milliliters per 10 liters of water.

The preparation "Lightning KE" is used against the following pests:

  • on potatoes: Colorado beetle
  • on cabbage: cruciferous flea beetle, white beetles, cabbage moth, cabbage scoop .

Insecticide Karate Zeon: instructions for use, reviews, storage of the drug - garden and vegetable garden

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    Distribusi berkemas berjenaka pengampususu risalah fisik tontonan agunan bebotoh dengan cara online, lalu peniadaan separuh haluan keinginan hendak aja kebajikan direncanakan dengan Kebijakan Terutama alokasi bettor pengusiran angan-angan baru-baruini seperti daftar togel itu pemikiran menurut ajang pertempuaran bra sandaran penjudi lalu semestinya menyediakan sehabis- habisnya sehubungan terkonsep.

    The use of chemicals

    Chemicals are used in a variety of ways and ways. Most applicable:

    • spraying,
    • aerosol treatment,
    • dusting,
    • introduction into the soil,
    • poisoned bait.

    Chemicals are used in a variety of ways

    Safety instructions for working with insecticides

    There are no such chemical insect control agents in nature that would be completely harmless to humans and the animal world. Therefore, when working with them, you must take precautions.

    • Do not neglect overalls... Put on a dressing gown, scarf, gloves, if necessary - glasses, respirator or gauze bandage.
    • Prevent hit working solutions on the skin, eyes and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose.
    • After working with insecticides Wash the hands, the person, if possible, take a shower. Wash clothes.
    • Storage of any working solutions of insecticides not allowed.
    • Dishesused for the preparation of working fluids should not be used for foodstuffs.
    • Duration of work with insecticides in a personal economy (summer cottage) should not exceed 1 hour.

    The next video tells how to correctly use insecticidal acaricides when treating a summer cottage from ticks.

    In the notebook of the summer resident

    • With repeated use of the same insecticides, harmful insects develop addiction - resistance, and the drug ceases to work. To achieve the effect it is necessary to alternate drugs from different groups.
    • To determine whether a drug belongs to pyrethrins, one must remember that the end of the active substance is either -valerate or -thrine - for example, "Alphametrin", "Fenvalerate".
    • From acaricides least harmful for humans and warm-blooded animals "Clofentesin", and one of most dangerous considered "Propargite".
    • Preparations "Bazudin", "Kapkan", "Dohlox" and "Thunder-2" (active ingredient - diazinon) very toxic to birds!
    • Insecticide treatment should be carried out only on those plants on which the pest is found or where it is likely to be found.
    • At air temperature below +5° C it is not recommended to process cultivated plants.

    Chemicals are effective but far from harmless

    There can be no dispute about the effectiveness of chemicals in pest control - they are undoubtedly much more effective than folk and biological methods, especially on an industrial scale.

    But, no matter how effective "chemistry" is, we must never forget that everything in nature is interconnected - and every drop of poison that falls on a leaf of a plant, flower, on the ground, after some time will inevitably end up in the body of our descendants. Therefore, before the hand opens the bag of insecticide powder, let your eyes look into the future ... Maybe folk remedies will be enough?

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